The first ever Kathmandu Valley rim race is on! The following runners will be set off in two slots to allow support crew to be in the right place:

Richard Mc Cabe (Canada)
Hannah Straw (United Kingdom)
Simon Castro-Wooldridge (United Kingdom)
Peeta Maitri (India)
Jimi Oostrum (Netherlands)

During this attempt, Team will be tracked live as they make their way around the Valley. The Runners are supported by Ram Puri and crew through Pyrenees Nepal Trek and Trail. Our amazing support runners are Aashish, Rashila, Dhamodar, Anil, Narayan, Mahesh and Bikash.

Our inspiration Lizzy Hawker will be coming out to support us on parts of the trail.

In addition, we’ll have Tom, Willem and Chris attempting a slightly adapted version of the rim by cycle. We’ll put a tracker on so we don’t lose them.

We are bearing all cost and will looking into getting the route permanently marked over the coming months. If you feel inspired by this, please do support our school reconstruction we have selected as the good cause for this.

We would love to see you out there if you feel like coming out to give the runners moral support, bring some food and power banks, we can always use them.

Hours away from the first runners setting off. Thanks to all that have helped making this happen.